About the Dugout

The Dugout Northbrook is a premier baseball & softball training facility. Its staff is dedicated to providing an environment and culture of results driven training. We emphasize player growth through quality training in an optimum developmental environment. Our instructors and staff are committed to assisting young student athletes in obtaining their athletic goals and maximizing their potential through intensive instruction and constant data measuring and tracking whether in an individual, group or team setting. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment where the discipline and hard work needed to achieve dreams provides the skills not only necessary to succeed in the sport, but also provide the life skills needed to help shape the well rounded student athletes that form our future.

Company Philosophy

The vision of our facility is to not only create a safe and fun environment for players of all ages to grow and reach their potential, but for the environment to have an organic balance of teaching lessons in both baseball and life. We pride ourselves in hiring the very best staff who are seasoned and energetic as well as caring toward each individual client. We do not believe in a cookie cutter training style; we recognize each player is different and we tailor our training programs to address their strengths and weaknesses. Through video analysis and data tracking we are able to track progress and help players achieve and break personal goals.